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Dennis and Dave receive the Purveyor of the Year Award from the ACF/PCNH at the 2009 Epicurean Dinner held at the Crowne Plaza, Nashua.

Ice Breakers is New Hampshire premier ice sculpting company. Dennis Hickey and Dave Soha have been carving since 1997 and together they have created 100’s of unique, one-of-a-kind, sculptures for nearly every occasion. Have an idea for a custom designed ice sculpture? Dennis and Dave will work with you to bring your concept to reality. We create a wide range of ice sculptures for a variety of private parties and corporate events. From functional to decorative pieces we work with many event planners, photographers, and caterers to design ice sculptures and create a composition that fits any event themes.

Bring your sculptures to life by adding multi-colored lights; carve fun attractions to your ice sculpture like a drink luge to instantly cool your favorite adult beverage. Everything is included in your purchase, including set and delivery of your masterpiece. Take your next party or event to the next level and include one of our unique ice sculptures.

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